Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Title change already? Yikes...

Yes, I'm changing the title. You have to understand, this is very important to my continued sanity. The whole pressure of choosing a title was what kept me from starting a blog in the first place. Was it witty? Was it too witty? Too dark, maybe, or too artistic? Did it properly identify what I was trying to do? Do I even know what I'm trying to do? Then last night, as I was lying awake after the night's first nursing, I realized that neurotically insecure overthinkers like me should not try to make such agonizing decisions. But what to do? I've already started the blog, feel oddly attached to it, and don't want it to go the way of my unfinished afghan or the half-drunk cups of coffee littering the house. So no title. None. Okay, not none, but very vague. I feel free!

On a side note, I also spent part of my 2.5 hours awake thinking about my promise to actually touch a button. You don't know how much better I felt when I realized that I didn't say which finger I would use. Middle, or even ring, should suffice.

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Melissa said...

And don't you feel better now?